Our refund and Switching policy lasts 48 hours. If 48hour have passed since your purchase, we can’t offer you account switch not limited to refund or exchange.

Please note, we do not offer refund.


  • 1. Switching Plans: You can choose to switch plans but only from smaller plan to higher plan, but not from higher plan to smaller plan as this will lead to refund which we do not allow. but incase you need the smaller plan, we will withhold the funds until it’s been completely exhausted from receiving tips from us, as at the time this policy was updated. We can upgrade your account from smaller package to higher package IF IT IS NOT MORE THAN 48 HOURS after your first payment and tips has been sent.



  • 1. Terms of Refund: Please note that we do not offer refund as you can choose to use any available plan we have or we reserve the right to withhold the fund if it is not up to or complete to start getting tips from us until it has been completed .


Need help?

Contact us Fcperas@gmail.com for questions related to refunds and plans.

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